Monday, January 25, 2010


Film Music is something that has greatly influenced me. Often I have felt that movies have been raised into excellence through those grandiose tones that convey so much emotion and tell the story through sound. The music often stuck with me and so early on I began buying movie soundtracks. There are however two kind of soundtracks - the actual classical music that plays during the movie and then the compilation of bands that contribute songs without the songs being played in the movie most of the time (makes me wonder what that kind of soundtrack has to do with the movie? Merchandise! Aaah!)

The first soundtrack I ever bought was, if my memory serves me correctly, Tim Burton's Batman. Although before this I had an lp album of both Ghost Busters and Shocker, both of which are a blast for me to listen to even today. The Shocker album contains Alice Cooper's first and I believe only attempt to rap! Priceless.

But today I want to mention a few great, and I mean great, classic soundtracks that have stood out to me. All of these movies are thus also favorites of mine.
In no particular order let me present to you my list of awesomness:



Perfume: Story of a Murderer

Rome (the TV series-yes, not technically a movie yet belongs to great soundtracks)

The Dark Knight

Aliens (James Horner is a genius)

Watching the making of Aliens I learned that the movie went way behind schedule when James Horner was asked to deliver the music to it. The movie had not been fully shot or edited, so he began composing with an unfinished movie. To top it off he had to do the final resolution piece over night. During one night he composed that great bit! I have even more respect for the man now. The story goes that he pushed for more time but the producer of the movie, Gale Ann Hurd, told him she would fire him and get somebody else to do it. James Horner replies - if you can get somebody else who can compose this piece overnight then I'd like to meet him. (in your face!) How cool is this guy...

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