Monday, March 22, 2010

Predators trailer

Should I dare hope...

here is the first trailer for the upcoming movie Predators (note the "sss") and below my thoughts on it.

I have to say, I'm actually excited. But it's the kind of careful "I may be setting myself up for a disapointment" excited. When I first heard of this movie I had gone through the traumatic experience of watching Aliens vs Predator as well as AVP: Requiem and just dismissed it as a disrespectful milking of a perfectly awesome movie concept.
However once again I will bring up the comparison to the Batman franchise as I think it's similar to the extent that it was going from bad to ...excruciating waste of time until Batman Begins turned it into what it should have been, recognizing it's true potential.
The Predator series was last sodomized by the Strause brothers, a director duo of Doom who proudly explained how they were bringing the franchise back to the fanbase by using the original soundeffects from both Aliens and Predator in the movie.....
For you who haven't had the pleasure to see this movie, yes, it sounds as bad as it sounds...if you get my meaning. It felt like copy - pasted sequences from other movies, which, in effect, it was.
Now with Predators I am daring to hope a little that this might be a joyride for an oldschool sci-fi horror fan such as myself. The reason for my optimism is both in the cast and the look/feel of the trailer. Adrien Brody was a great pick because never would I have thought of him and surpsises like that are only good, since a muscle packed Arnold-wannabe just wouldn't have felt right; plus Adrien is a great actor (YES, good acting is important). Morpheus is also a nice choice as he has the badass aura since the Matrix.
The other thing that I liked was the fact that from the trailer I didn't see so much cgi. It felt like hardset (real backgrounds as opposed to greenscreen cgi backgrounds) and real life effects and costumes which brings me back to my critique on overuse of cgi. The fact that you had the Predator there and not a pixel figure made all the difference and why the original Predator movie is still now extremely watchable. Real life effects don't age if they are done well. If you watch The Thing - the special effects still give me a chill down the spine... now that's what I'm talking about.

Lets see what Rober Rodriguez and director Nimrod Antal bring to the table in July.

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