Monday, April 12, 2010

use the Force

Ok just had to post this ad I found. It made me laugh, and wonder where does the force not flow? Is there something they haven't branded with Star Wars by now?

The best thing I heard was that they will actually be launching a Star Wars animated sitcom/comedy show.... about what the characters would be doing if they were not fighting an evil empire.... omg brilliant. I hope it stars Jar Jar Binks. Hesa ma favorite. Please, somebody..saber me already.

I don't mind if a movie or novel (like Harry Potter) create some products for the fans. Some people really want to have the toy or the costume. But then there is selling out...when you don't even stick to what you originally had anymore. George Lucas has strayed so far away from the original concept because he has branched it out to everything relater or not-related already.
It is my personal opinion that by re-visiting the Star Wars univers as much as he has, Lucas has prevented any significant new introductions in the sci-fi genre. Most things are automatically compared to the now-over-used Univers which was exciting a time...long long ago....

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