Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Why Inception is so important

I won't be doing a review on the movie Inception but will touch on it in the context of recent movies. Besides urging everybody who hasn't to hastily go and see this movie, Inception is so important because of the standard it follows. It's a clever, original idea, perfectly filmed with little cgi and more live action, great acting and extremely mood-setting music. It was a rare chill down the spine event to watch and I can't really recall when I had that last when I went to the movies...oh wait, The Dark Knight... also a movie by Christopher Nolan.
I think that in the swarm of mediocre to disastrous movies people have become dulled down to expect very little when going to the movie theater. If a movie just occupies them from having a clear thought, that seems just about to do the trick.
The second part is a critique that I kept hearing about Inception. "It's so damn complicated!" Honestly I don't find it that complicated at all. And when I heard somebody saying that during the movie it took them 30 seconds to turn off their phone and that had been enough to make them lose the thread... can you hear my internal screams of pain? If you make the requirement to a movie that you can step outside for a minute and when you return you want to be able to still know exactly what's going on - well then I advise you to watch soap operas instead. There you have ever repeating plot lines, just in case you missed the last 3 episodes.
Are people's attentions spans really that short??

I recently found myself on a blog where people were voting for the most anticipated movies and high up there was Cloverfield 2. A lot of people there seemed to have liked the first one and were drooling over the continuation of that nausiating experience. I remember that I literally got motion sickness while watching it because of all the camera shaking. Why I mention this is because when some people challenged the first movie, those who were in favor of it didn't have any points to defend it other than - it had a giant monster in it.... and it's strolling through NY. Oh, and somebody thought it was so realistic, I mean that party of Abercrombie and Fitch people who then decide to go follow the giant monster to see if the ex-girlfriend of one of them needed help, right...?
The movie literally didn't have a story or a plot other than, giant monster takes a stroll through NY...shot on shaky handy-cam. If that is all you need then fine, but I like to see the concept wrapped up in a compelling story. And again to my original point, THAT is what Christopher Nolan delivered with Inception and why I finally felt having been satisfied after a long dry-spell.

In the end a short newsflash. I read that Guillermo del Toro is going to film At the Mountains of Madness. This is a story by H.P. Lovercraft, one of my favorite old-school horror writers. Unfortunately none of his stories have been filmed in any acceptable way and have instead ended as B-movies somewhere on dusty shelves.
That an acclaimed director who was going to direct The Hobbit
now reveals that it has been his dream to film this story is great news. I can't wait to hear more about this one.

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