Tuesday, October 26, 2010

remakes that should not be made

Yes folks, that's a new list I'm compiling. I've had it with terrible remakes, so from now on every time I hear of a terrible new attempt at rewarming, re-imagining or re-booting a movie... it goes on my disastrous list of (insert dramatic music) remakes that should not be made

Here recent ones that poked my eye sore..

Fright Night - I may have mentioned this one in an earlier post. Such a shame, because the original is so great. Why soil its memory?

Hellraiser - Ok, they did a ton of Hellraiser movies of which only the first is interesting. A hilarious comment I heard was that the actor who played the main character (the only character who re-appears throughout the series) Pinhead, refused to be in this reboot. Guess what the studio said...so what? We're moving on as planned!

Childs Play - after a series of only 5 movies, time to reboot. Chucky nevah dieeee...

They Live - Are you f...ing kidding me? Why? Well, at this point...why not?

Children of the Corn - after a series of 7 movies...lets start over again.

Red Dawn - Pls, explain this one to me. Original movie was based on the cold war fears of a war with Russia. This time around...who is doing the communist invasion? Obama?

This list is followed up by my second list - sequels that should not be made

28 Months later - (continuation of 28 days later, 28 weeks later) - the first one a brilliant, if not the best zombie movie out there...followed by disaster...so why continue the train-wreck?

Alien - prequel, and sadly it's Ridley Scott who's overseeing this unholy project where he explains more about the mysterious Pilot (giant alien from the first movie) and possibly the background of the Aliens themselves (biological weapon bla bla). Again, a great film followed by a brilliant sequel, not so brilliant Alien 3 and a mind-bogglingly horrendous Alien Resurrection. My question remains, why pick up a series of movies that has been ridden into the ground already. Isn't there a saying about beating a dead horse...or something like that?

Ghost Busters III - really? now? how many years later? That bubble has burst already.

Lost boys: the Tribe - copy paste comment above. This movie is already out! The best thing is..there is another one on the way called Lost boys: the thirst ...(for money?)

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