Friday, June 11, 2010

Finish Him

Ok. Here is a trailer that made my day.

Yes, for every Mortal Kombat fan, this movie seems to deliver the promise of a fun movie! This is one re-boot that I'm in favor of! The first movie was just funny with it's techno music and fight scenes as well as a healthy dose of bad acting. Just by watching the trailer for the new one I see they did so many things right this time... killed off Johnny Cage that boring p.... and instead of Kung Lao we now have my favorite MK character the lead in the story... Scorpio!!! Yes the nerd in me took over. Also a great idea is to make Barraka and Reptile just very twisted humans. Gory glory.

It was first said to be released in 2010 but there is a 2013 date out there as well which I think is more likely seeing that it's been so quite about this movie as well a newsflash saying another production company is suing Warner for whatever reason, thus preventing an earlier release.

But this one goes on the list!

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