Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Have a few themes today all squished into a mouth-watering snack.

Let's begin with some news. Just read that another anime title is being made into a feature film - Wicked City. Assume that nobody has seen this but me so I should explain that this is more of a hentai movie. It has strong sexual content which I don't think will be translated into the feature film (too bad). I loved the story-line from the original which is based on a Japanese comic. The story tells of a demonic parallel world that is breaching into our world and a team of agents from both sides, human and demons, which is meant to eliminate any demons that cross over to protect the balance. Heard rumors that the making of this film is still uncertain although preparations have begun. I think it's a cool story-line that could make a great movie, yet as always - I shall remain skeptical as Blood: the last Vampire has taught me to be.

Another re-make that's in the making is Fright Night - a great 80's teen-flick that I watched countless times and doesn't lose its charm. That is why I am not sure why this movie is being made or what it wants to bring to the table. It now plays in Las Vegas and as I read it is to have more links towards modern times ...whatever that means ("dude, when I face-booked him I found out he's a blood sucker!").

Next a movie recommendation. Timecrimes. This is a totally under-played low budget gem that I stumbled upon and comes from Spain. I have a hard time to label this as I found it under the category of horror yet it has strong elements of suspense and subtle science fiction. In fact, this is in my opinion, one of the better movies with the theme of time-travel. The logic of time-travel and the effects of it can often be very confusing and many stories have been unable to keep a strong logic behind these effects. The movies that stood out to me were titles like - 13 monkeys, the butterfly effect, the jacket and terminator. But back to Timecrimes. I don't wish to go into the story as it is delicious for an unsuspecting viewer and often times had me feeling "where the hell are they going with this?" but ended with me going "aaaah." I hope that tells you all you need to know. So now go and see it!

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